Moo Moo Kwan Bahrain Headquarter

Monthly Notes Reminder: ملاحظات للتذكير بشكل شهري  


Thank you for visiting our Web page. Hapkido is a complete martial art, it contains:

  1. Self-Defense
  2. Kicking
  3. Hand Strikes
  4. Joint locks
  5. Grappling
  6. Weapons
  7. Discipline
  8. Breathing and Meditation
  9. Healing

We Accept Male and Female from age of 6 years.

39608184  Also we have Whats App services for Parents and Adults members.  If you like to be included in the Group, send us a message. This Group is to update with the latest news of Hapkido.

يوجد لدينا خدمة الواتساب لاولياء الامور وايضا للكبار على حدا , بامكان الجميع طلب الانضمام لهذه الخدمة لتزويدكم بالاخبار واخر المستجدات التي تخص الابناء والنادي بشكل عام.


@hapkidosalah   We sometimes share our members pictures in our Instagram, in case if you dont like to be displayed, kindly let us know.

احيانا نشارك ببعض الصور اللتي تخص النادي والتمارين في الحصص في الانستقرام, في حالة عدم الموافقة, نرجو اخبارنا بذلك .


Please note for color belts you will be upgrated if you attended 36 classes or at least 80% of the classes.

لدخول امتحانات الاحزمة الملونة, يجب على التلميذ ان يحضر36 حصة او 80% من الحصص .


When you attend 36 classes or at least 80% of the classes

When you attend 36 classes or at least 80% of the classes, you will be given a test for first color belt, and each color belt has stages I & II but Red belt has also stage III. A fee of BD15 is for upgrading.

عند اتمامك 36 حصة من التمارين او 80% من الحصص, سوف  تأهل للامتحان, وفي حالة اجتياز الامتحان سوف تحصل على الحزام.


BD30 monthly fees and to be paid at the begining of the month.  you can pay through "BenefitPay" services.

الرسوم الشهرية 30 دينار وتدفع في بداية الشهر. بامكان دفع الرسوم عن طريق خدمة " بنفت به"


Payment for 3 months get 10% discount, 6 months 15%, One year 20% discount. All fees are non-refundable.

سوف تحصل على 10% خصم عندما تدفع لثلاثة اشهر, او 15% لستة اشهر, و 20% لسنة. جميع الرسوم غير قابلة للترجيع.


Our Uniforms cost BD40 ( Non-refundable after use)

قيمة البدلة 40 دينار , غير قابلة للترجيع بعد الاستعمال.


For Private Classes, contact Master Salah 39608184

لتوفير حصص خاصة, الرجاء التواصل مع المدرب صلاح 39608184


If you are sick or having cold or so, please dont train and take rest at home.

في حالة الامراض المعدية كالزكام والتهابات الحنجرة وغيرها, الرجاء  البقاء في البيت واخذ راحة لحين الشفاء التام.


hygiene is very important.  النظافة مهمة جدا.

  1. Wash your uniform every time you wear it.تأكد من غسل لباسك قبل التمرين  
  2. Keep your finger nails and toe nails trimmed.قلص اضافراليدين والرجلين  
  3. Dont train if you are sick لاتتدرب في حالة اذا كنت مريض 
  4. Dont train if you have a suspicious rash لا تتدرب إذا كان لديك طفح مشبوه
  5. Cover wounds with a bandage and athletic tape غط الجروح بشريط لاصق
  6. Shower after class استحم بعد التمرين
  7. Wash your hands اغسل يديك قبل وبعد التمرين

Now you can pay Tuition Fees, etc.. through Benefit Pay application.

بامكان الجميع الاستفادة من خدمة " بنفت به" لدفع جمبع الرسوم. 


Please feel free to share with us your suggestions. ( You can send direct message to the Master through Whats App)

سوف نسعد بتلقي اقتراحاتكم في اي وقت. بامكانكم ارسال الاقتراحات عن طريق الواتس أب 



Notes for Parents:

  1. Please make sure that the child goes to the toilet before coming to the gym.
  2. Please make sure that the child drinks enough water during the day ( from morning to evening) and children can bring their own bottles of water. Bottles can be filled in the gym if you like.
  3. For those who come with maids, please make sure the servants are able to control and prevent children from crossing the street outside the gym and also to control the child so that he/she does not play with things that may harm the child: such as tampering in the elevator, tampering in the bathroom, or in Electrical appliances and the like for their safety.
  4. For those who have drivers or similar, please inform the driver of the session time to avoid keeping the child waiting for a long time.
  5. Parents are advised not to leave small children in the waiting room on their own, or play with the devices and tamper with them for their safety.

ملاحظات لأولياء الأمور:

الرجاء التأكد من ذهاب الطفل للحمام فبل المجيء للنادي

الرجاء التأكد من ان الطفل يشرب الكمية الكافية من الماء خلال اليوم ( من الصباح الى المساء ) وبامكان الاطفال جلب قوارير الماء الخاصة بهم.  ويمكن ان تملئ هذه القوارير في النادي ان ارادوا. 

للذين يأتون مع الخادمات, الرجاء من اولياء الامور التأكد من ان الخدم يستطيعون السيطرة ومنع الاطفال من الأنفلات في عبور الشارع خارج النادي وايضا السيطرة على الطفل بعدم جعله يتعبث في الأشياء التي قد تضر الطفل: مثل العبث في  المصعد, او العبث في الحمام, او في الاجهزة الكهربائية وماشابه ذلك, وذلك لسلامتهم.

للذين لديهم سواق او ماشابه ذلك, الرجاء اخبار السائق بوقت انتهاء الحصة لتفادي انتظار الطفل لفترة طويلة.

الرجاء من اولياء الأمورعدم ترك الأطفال الاصغر سنا في حجرة الانتضار لوحدهم, او اللعب بالاجهزة والعبث فيها وذلك لسلامتهم



Student Etiquette

  1. When you enter the dojang bow at the door and to the : Kwan Jang Nim (Master), Sabeomnim (instructors), flags, black belts, and fellow student. When you leave the dojang bow at the door and to the: Kwan Jang Nim, Sabeomnim, black belts, fellow students, and the flags.
  2. Whenever you arrive during a class, enter the dojang (Training Hall ) and wait until your instructor places you in the class. Do not leave the class without permission from the instructor.
  3. The Uniform should be our HAP KI DO uniform. 
  4. Always wear a clean, neat uniform to class, and NO jewelry or other accessories ( necklace, ring , watchi, etc. ) - It can be dangerous to yourself and others.
  5. Personal hygiene is important. Also keep nails on both hands and feet trimmed back to protect both yourself and your partner. Also to control body odor, it is good idea to use deodorant or anti-perspirant.
  6. No food in the gym during the classes.
  7. Students to be examined should attend at least 80% of the classes. ( 36 days is the period for the test, so at least attend 80% of the 36 days in order to be upgrated for your next level) 
  8. Please address all black belts as " sir"  regardless of age. This is done to show respect for their instructor status while in the dojang
  9. Whenever you approach your instructor, bow first and then ask to speak to him politely.
  10. Unnecessary Conversation is not permitted during class.
  11. Whenever you need assistance simply inform your instructor that you do not know a particular movement and he will take care of you. Never ask him to show you or demonstrate how to do something. Just explain that you do not know something, and trust him to take care of it.
  12. All students must be courteous and must obey their instructor. Advanced students should set a good example for the lower belts.
  13. Do not demonstrate or teach HAP KI DO outside the school without the express permission of the instructor. Never degrade HAP KI DO or the reputation of your school.
  14. You must have permission from your instructor to participate in any tournament or martial art activity.
  15. Each student is a member of our family, therefore it would be appreciated if you would let us know if you are ill, are too busy, going on vacation, or will be absent for an extended period. Changes affecting your training are our concern, stop by or call to let us know.
  16. All students are responsible to keep the dojang clean.
  17. No sparring or contact allowed without black belt supervision.
  18. Do not attempt to practice techniques you have not been shown directly by your instructor - there is a reason for this.
  19. You are responsible for your own equipment - take care of it
  20. Always show respect to your seniors and each other and take it upon yourself to help and encourage your juniors.

These rules are for the benefit of all HAPKIDO students. Violation can lead to belt suspension, or permanent dismissal from the school. Even if you are unable to take part physically in class a student can learn by watching class what is done right by classmates and what is done wrong as well as the why and how of it. It is for your own good that you need to attend class regularly. What you are studying is something special, keep this in mind when you meet and greet one another outside the dojang. Always use your HAPKIDO manners in greeting your classmates/ instructors anywhere. It is through HAPKIDO that you know them so use your HAPKIDO manners. 


We wish you all excellent health and great happiness with Hapkido training.