Moo Moo Kwan Bahrain Headquarter


Below students can now register for the upgrading;

  1. Khawla Ali Mansoor
  2. Fatima Ali Mansoor
  3. Mohammed Salman Nooh
  4. Elia Jassim Malik
  5. Isa Ibrahim AlShirawi
  6. Yousif Ebrahim Alshirawi
  7. Hussain Ismail Jaffer

For Registration, please submit the following;

  1. One ID photo
  2. Exam fee BD 15/-
  3. Monthly fees to be paid if still not paid

Please note all payments can be made through "Benefit-Pay" to our account Tel # 39608184

Exams dates will be on Wednesdays & Thursdays 20th,21st & 27th, 28th  January 2021.

Thank you very much


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