Moo Moo Kwan Bahrain Headquarter



Upgrading belt exams are on : March, June, September, & December of the year. ( Students have to attend 36 hours for each exam or at least 80% of 36 hours/classes ) exams are given based on performance and commitments of classes.

Students can be upgraded if they attend at least 80% of the three months. But if the three months finished and the students still not ready for the exam, s/he will be shifted for next three month's exam.  and so on, until s/he is ready to take the exam. For your upcoming exam, please check with Management black belts.

All students have to register for the upgrading before they do the exam. for Registration please provide :

1- One ID photo.

2- Upgrading Fee BD 15/-

3- Monthly fees up to current month to be paid.


Things which makes the students ready for upgrading;

1.Performing and applying the techniques in a reasonable way and forms according to the belt level. This requires them to practice many times.
2.Students etiquettes;
* Respect,
 respect means how they communicate with their superiors like masters, instructors and other felow black belts and color belts students. ( refer to New Member - students etiquettes in our 
* Trying your best; this means that they should try their best to learn and they are interested by putting efforts in order to learn the techniques.

·Please note our upgrading period is every 3 ( three ) months, but this does not mean every three months students goes to next belt. The 3 months is the expected minimum time that if the students do all the above requirements with best efforts they might be ready to go for next belt, but since different kids have different capabilities and attitudes, this means they need more time for upgrading ( this does not mean its bad thing, it also means; his time is just not now, in this case, we support hem or her by encouraging hem and sometimes we make the things easy for hem to be upgraded.

·Because some of the kids are still younger, they are still not ready to understand that they should try their best ( and that is understandable!!  , they only expect they will get belt at the end of the period, rather to understand rewards comes with efforts and hard works. 

·Also for those kids who comes only 2 times or less a week, the period of upgrading will be longer.

·We also need to understand that at the end, weather students do upgrading now or later, they do benefits from all the training now they do; like stamina, flexibilities, strength beside the martial arts’ attitudes they are practicing. 

·For any martial art school, its very easy to collect exam fees and give your kids new belts, but we have to respect our kids that when they grow up, they don’t feel sorry for the time they spend in that school.   

Thank you always for your understanding and supports