Moo Moo Kwan Bahrain Headquarter

How to start Hapkido
Serious and dedicated: Those who wish to study Hap Ki Do must be serious and dedicated to learning Martial Arts. Only students with positive attitudes towards themselves and others can learn Hapkido. Students and family should be willing to share their knowledge of wisdom and philosophy of Hap Ki Do with others. Its never late to start Hapkido


For enrollment simply do the following:

  1. First inform us that you want to enroll
  2. Pay BD30/- through "BenefitPay" to our account ( Mobile Number 39608184 Hapkidosalah) as the first month fees, then every month at the beginning of the month you can pay the same amount for the next months. or you can pay for each three months together or six months or one year, you will get discount for that.
  3. For Kids, age should be 6 or above.
  4. Uniform you can buy from us ( its not available in the market) and the price is BD 25/- 
  5. Classes is three days per week and each class duration is 55minutes.
  6. For more info, please call us 39608184

Belts and upgrading:

Every three month ( you have to attend 36 classes or at least 80% attendance to attend for upgrading ) you will then be tested for the new belt. 

You will start with White belt then, Yellow1, Yellow2, Green1, Green2, Blue1, Blue2 ,Red1 , Red2, Red3, then Black ( 1st DAN) almost from white to 1st Black it will take three years.

Fees for color belts is BD 15/-

Fees for Black Belts defers for each DAN, please check with management of gym.




Seef district 

To contact us, please refer to our Social Media. 


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